Career Works Program
Career Works
The Whyalla Career Development Centre offers FREE access to Career Works.  Participant's can move seamlessly between career guidance (self understanding and discovery of aligned options); goals/planning (action plans and portfolio) and self marketing (resumes, competency examples, and letters). CareerWorks automatically selects age appropriate tools and pathways.

Career Guidance

  • Career guidance tools interface with 5,000 industries, career clusters and occupations
  • Builds self confidence and self reflection skills
  • Comprehensive - includes education/training; work history/values/skills/interests, drive level, self esteem, personal qualities, leisure interests and special talents
  • Increases career opportunity awareness, including career combinations
  • Develops broader understanding of strengths, preferences and aspirations
  • Creates personalised career guidance reports
  • Automatic transfer of career guidance data to the participants resume
  • Career practitioner one-on-one and group facilitation

Goals / Planning

  • Quick, easy-to-use and empowering goal setting and action planning tools
  • A unique database of personalised goal planning options
  • Interactive access to 500 age and goal relevant tasks, resources, barriers, contingency plans and timelines
  • Participants can view, print and update Action Plans and Portfolios at any time
  • Automatic transfer of career guidance goals to Action Planner and automatic generation of To-Do-Lists
  • Helps participants to become effective decision makers
  • Easy building and updating of personalised achievement evidence portfolios through Portfolio Planner
  • Career Practitioners can monitor participant's Action Plan and Portfolio progress over months or years

Self Marketing 

  • Quick and easy interactive tools to create effective resumes, letters and competency examples
  • Current recruitment hiring criteria reflected in the focus on achievements, learning capacity and personal qualities
  • Unlimited combinations of 50,000+ age relevant achievements, sentence stems, phrases and words
  • Multiple style formats
  • Documents are automatically saved and history files are created and are accessible in future documents
  • View, edit, update, copy, print or export documents
  • Extensive self marketing coaching tips and lesson plans
  • Contacts and document manager
  • Resumes automatically access relevant CareerWorks career guidance information, saving data re-entry
  • Career Practitioners can automatically access all self marketing documents from Tracker


CareerWorks Tracker tool provides fingertip access to all participant's career guidance, goals/planning and self marketing documents; identification of students/clients with any selected attributes to link with organisations and individuals offering experience, work and/or mentoring opportunities.


For further information Contact the Whyalla Career Development Centre for an appointment.